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Kinergy Corporation Ltd is a Singapore-based contract manufacturer. The Company is engaged in manufacturing equipment, machines, sub-systems, precision tools, spare parts, and components in the semiconductor industry. It provides its products to the original design manufacturers of semiconductor process equipment (SPE) and users of SPE. The Company operates in two divisions: the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) division and the original design manufacturing (ODM) division. The EMS division primarily focuses on manufacturing dicing machines, lapping machines, work-holders, sliders, and magazine handlers. The ODM division focuses on manufacturing and marketing automated equipment, precision tools and spare parts under the brand name, Kinergy. The products developed under ODM division include frame loaders, auto buffing equipment, strip laser markers, and encapsulation molds and dies.

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HKEX Symbol: 3302 Currency: HKD
Last Done: 0.93 Volume ('000): 574,000
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Day's Range: 0.90 - 0.93 52 Weeks' Range: .8 - 1.31


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